Thursday, April 13, 2017

Blood Will Follow Blood...

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Name a Street after William Burroughs in Cyprus.

Ναι, ξέρω, δεν ήταν Κύπριος...

So what?

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Monday, November 28, 2016

La Historia.

Ξεκινάς νύχτα με Cuba Libre,
τελειώνεις με Cuba Pintada,
ανάμεσά τους το Χάος.

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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Under the Trumpbama Moonlight.

“No alarms and no surprises...”

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Friday, November 11, 2016

So Long, Meister.

"... I'm traveling light
It's au revoir
My once so bright, my fallen star
I'm running late, they'll close the bar
I used to play one mean guitar
I guess I'm just somebody who
Has given up on the me and you
I'm not alone, I've met a few
Traveling light like we used to do ..."


Tuesday, November 08, 2016

US Elections in a NutsHell.

Clinton e-mails, Trump, Trump, Trump.
Clintonemails – Trump-Trump-Trump.

Με ρυθμό.

7 φορές σου λέω
«μήπως ήτανε οι εξωγήινοι»,
1 φορά λέω:
«Μπορεί να ήτανε μια φυσική καταστροφή.»
«Μήπως ήτανε οι εξωγήινοι», 7 φορές
και 1 φορά:
«Ένας αφύσικος πόλεμος.»

Δεν πιστεύεις στους εξωγήινους
το μυαλό σου έχει ήδη «πολωθεί»
σε Βορρά και Νότο,
Δύση και Ανατολή.
Ορατότητα περιορισμένη.

Clinton e-mails, Trump, Trump, Trump.
Clintonemails – Trump-Trump-Trump.

Με ρυθμό.


Selling weapons to the “crazies” of this world is not a new practice that Hillary is solely responsible for. It has been a decades long policy of the U.S. that has –unequivocally –received bipartisan support regardless of who is in the White House and who has the majority in the Congress.
I thought that ...since Tom Hanks managed to make a movie out of it, it should be obvious to the rest of us by now.

Using fear, promoting bigotry and being obnoxious are not new characteristics that were introduced in American politics solely by Trump. It has been a decades long strategy for a number of political figures –usually positioned in the “Christian right to far right” spectrum of American politics.
Trump is just better at it.

So, if the election of any one of them makes you feel that we should take the advice of Iron Maiden and “run to the hills”... here’s a comforting thought for you:
Either way... relax... we ‘re too late!

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Tuesday, November 01, 2016


Μα δέκα χρόνια, ολάν;

" Once upon a time I could control myself
Ooh, once upon a time I could lose myself..."

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Sunday, October 09, 2016

Χίλια τριακόσια ‘και’ Κλαμπ [1300+]


Μεταξύ Μάντρας και Κι-όν-ων,
οι ανεπίσημοι δοκιμαστές
υπο–ειδικών διαδρομών
αφήνουν τις πέτρες τους σε κλειστές στροφές.

Μαζεύεις από χάμω
–για την Κυβέρνηση –
ο,τι προσπερνάν’ αυτοί
και δραπετεύεις.
Δεν χωράς πουθενά
κι ας μην ήρθε ακόμη
η «Μεγάλη Μπόρα».

Την επομένη προσπερνάς και συ
Δεινόσαυρους, Κροκόδειλους, ακόμη και Αγρινά
–έσφυζαν από υγεία, ήταν βιαστικά,
έστειλες χαιρετίσματα
και βρίσκεσαι σε αέρινη Χρυσή Πηγή.
Ούτε σήμερα κουβαλάς
κάποιο μεγάλο δοχείο.

Έπαιξες σκάκι
στα σύννεφα,
έφαγες, ήπιες.
Φωλεύω, σιτίζομαι,
Παντού ίδιος.

Πίσω στους 4 τοίχους,
βλέπεις στα κάτω ύψη του μυαλού σου
λοφία πυραύλων εξ Ανατολής προς Βορρά.
Θα χρειαστούμε μαγικά Χειμώνος.

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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Meaningful Cats.

Οι αγαπημένοι μου ελληνόφωνοι στίχοι ...
ήρθαν ξανά απόψε να φωλιάσουν μες την κούτρα μου.
Ναι ρε, υπάρχει νόημα βαθύ.
«Νταμ–νταριρα(μ), νταμ–νταριρά(μ), νταμνταριράμ–νταραμ–τάτα» ή κάπως έτσι.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A--forethought for the Afterlife....... [ I Want my Money Back. ]

So, is that it?

You ’re fresh out of the army but you’re still alive
–at least, you think you are –
and kicking.

Give this boy two good chums and a band that plays –about half –the right notes, add some liquor, sprinkle Magic Dust from a Unicorn’s chopped liver and hey…. miracle of miracles: He was happy.
Not even the prospect of doomed love could ruin that, we were that stupidand perseverant.

College, University, the chicks that did not –alas! –the chicks that did –alas! –the ones just passing by; the strange new countries that summon brave Conquistadors for the slaughter.
Like all your tra(b)els, superficial and fodder for the fires of wet dreams.

A million faces in the streets of Athens cannot compare with the frenzy of youth.

And now you want me reduced to this?

Mourning at night,
thinking that E. B. White had got it right,
left eye sheds a tear for a dying youth,
dying, dying, dead on arrival,
dead, dead and dying for survival amen.

If there are no dreams in the Afterlife,
then I want my fu##in’ money back!

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