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Yiddish surname Tzipris is derived from Jewish female name Tzipora. Yiddish ending –is means belonging, that is why we translate this Yiddish surname as son of Tzipora.
Yiddish Suriname Tzipris RU

See also
Alexis Tsipras (similar Greek surname)

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ε όι!!!...:)

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Oh, yes!

"...Moses took his wife and sons and started his journey back to Egypt. On the road, they stayed in an inn, where a mysterious and much-debated incident that features Zipporah took place.

The Bible tells us that God came to kill Moses (Exodus 4:24-27). The passage contains four of the most difficult sentences in Biblical text. Zipporah quickly circumcised Gershom with a sharp stone and touched Moses' feet with it, saying "A bridegroom of blood because of the circumcision." (Exodus 4:26.)

One possible interpretation is that something (perhaps God, perhaps an agent of God) tries to kill Moses, until Zipporah carries out a circumcision on their son. Other interpretations suggest that it is their son, Gershom, who is attacked, and yet another is that Moses tries to kill his own son and only after Zipporah cuts the child's foreskin, drawing blood and pain, does his anger subside. ..."

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