Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A--forethought for the Afterlife....... [ I Want my Money Back. ]

So, is that it?

You ’re fresh out of the army but you’re still alive
–at least, you think you are –
and kicking.

Give this boy two good chums and a band that plays –about half –the right notes, add some liquor, sprinkle Magic Dust from a Unicorn’s chopped liver and hey…. miracle of miracles: He was happy.
Not even the prospect of doomed love could ruin that, we were that stupidand perseverant.

College, University, the chicks that did not –alas! –the chicks that did –alas! –the ones just passing by; the strange new countries that summon brave Conquistadors for the slaughter.
Like all your tra(b)els, superficial and fodder for the fires of wet dreams.

A million faces in the streets of Athens cannot compare with the frenzy of youth.

And now you want me reduced to this?

Mourning at night,
thinking that E. B. White had got it right,
left eye sheds a tear for a dying youth,
dying, dying, dead on arrival,
dead, dead and dying for survival amen.

If there are no dreams in the Afterlife,
then I want my fu##in’ money back!

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Blogger Hlithio Agrino said...

“If There is Something”, Roxy Music.
“Life’s What You Make It”, Talk Talk.



Did Mr. White … got it right?
A short film, dir. Peter Kallstrom, adapted from the story "The Door" by E.B. White

Original text: http://www.classicshorts.com/stories/door.html

20/9/16 20:38  

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