Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Straight from the Horse's mouth

"...Isn’t it funny, the biggest God-preachers are the biggest psycho killers… Alright? They’re not doing us any favors, I don’t know why we went to Baghdad, it can’t really be about the oil, can it? It’s something else, it’s world chaos, it’s a …[burp]… it’s this biblical nonsense that fundamentalist christians believe in and I think that they ‘re pushing for … a world war, they’re pushing for Armageddon. They truly believe that once that kicks off … God will come down and float us all back up to Heaven. Well, the ones that believe.

It’s religion… and it’s gotta stop.

You can’t say that Muslims are extremists, they’re not! You’re invading them, not the other way around… and if they were here kicking us around, well, I’m sure the British public would have a word to say. You know… You fight back by any means necessary and no-one picks the rules of war. Once you start a war, that’s it… it’s total war, until the end..."

John "This Lemonade is Delicious" Lydon



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! I was there when Somethnig else came out!

22/2/11 20:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


22/2/11 22:07  
Blogger the Idiot Mouflon said...


Φαντάστου τον Sid σήμερα σε κανένα "talent show".

23/2/11 17:32  

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