Sunday, September 16, 2012

Witticisms Aside…

…Mr. Maher,
has more depth
than you realize.

For a price,
we order pizza
and we all seem
to think
that consuming plenty
is good.

the formation of habits

the lab-rats
that take
is delivered
to them
after they
press the button.

Few own this establishment,
some work for or with it,
most of us consume
what others produced.

A large one
with a little
autonomy please.

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Blogger Woofis said...

...τζιαι πυρούαν;

16/9/12 21:35  
Blogger the Idiot Mouflon said...

"...Πατέρας έκανε το γιό, να μοιάσει του πατέρα
κι όποιος γι' αυτούς εργάζεται, δε βλέπει άσπρη μέρα,
πρ'οσωπα χωρίς όνομα και δίχως χαρακτήρα
που πίνουνε το αίμαι μας για ένα ποτήρι μπύρα..."

16/9/12 22:12  

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