Monday, December 20, 2010

Του Καπετάν Βοϊδόκαρδου.

Another rascal out of the cage,
into the green, into the grey,
now deaf and dumb upon a stage
we all must learn new ways to play.

Captain Beefheart,

aka • Don Van Vliet


Το έμαθα • εδώ.

Στίχοι του μακαρίτη:


Apes-Ma, Apes-Ma
Remember when you were young Apes-Ma?
And you used to break out of your cage?
Well you know that you're not
Strong enough to do that anymore now
And Apes-Ma... The little girl that
Named you years ago died now
And you're older Apes-Ma
Remember when she named you
And it was in the paper Apes-Ma?
Apes-Ma, Apes-Ma
You're eating too much
And going to the bathroom too much Apes-Ma
And Apes-Ma, your cage isn't getting any bigger Apes-Ma

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Blogger Utopia said...

Τα κακά νέα μαθαίνονται γρήγορα,-
έτσι δε λένε;

[So long, Capt.
Say hello to Frank]

20/12/10 15:01  

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