Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Early in the Morning & I Ain't got Nuthin' but the Blues...


Blogger the Idiot Mouflon said...

A friend in the pits, wife left and took the kid too. Too much abuse, too much self-abuse.

The cop at the hospital was kind, knew him from the dayz.
"Hey, can you believe they called him in for the reserves?"
"Wha? They're crazy. First thing he 'll do is empty a whole case on dem".

The war we made love to be.


Drinking your sorrowa down at the Noodle, trying to avoid going crazy. Going, going, gone.

The love we have for war.

"...I have a hard time missing you baby, with my pistol in your mouth
You may be thinking about going north woman, but your brains are staying south

Even if you sneak away
I'll find you before nightfall
You're tied to me girl
I can feel your sweetblood call..."

"Sweet Blood Call", Louisiana Red, + 25/02/2012.
(this version: Eric Burdon).

1/3/12 00:18  
Blogger the Idiot Mouflon said...

Photo: the Slippery Noodle @ Meridian, Indianapolis.

Indiana Tornados

4/3/12 03:08  

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