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[All my Beautiful f_Friends]

The world will not change because of your latest post on the net. Neither your life for that matter. The unbelievers will not be converted by the millions, the Yahoos will not transform into Houyhnhnms, the capitalists will not share, the communists will not… generally. Your social life will not improve. Neither anyone else’s for that matter. Your people skills will not be sharpened, your ability to think outside the box will diminish, your intelligence –emotional or other –will regress, your nether region’s circumference will –and that is a certainty –progress geometrically.  

And reading this will not change your mind.


[Some Loaves of Bread and Two Fish]

The previous years
it affected • the Ruskie.
The News tell us now
just the same for • the Yankee.

Check out the weather
Check out • the stats
and then bid for • the best.

The increase in price may cause revolutions
but my greatest fear is for future solutions.

The multitudes fed by the Nazarene Teacher,
then the Bread and the Fish at the hand of a Preacher…
But now comes the time for a different attrition,
to enslave the hungry through «proper» nutrition.

Field Marshals and Rebels, all Leaders of Man,
all fail to decipher the new Master Plan.
The Ways of the Mother and the Knowledge of Old
encrypted in sea and in land that they hold.
No longer the Ape will remember the Tree,
no longer the Clay that can walk shall be Free.

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Blogger the Idiot Mouflon said...


What does revolution mean to you?
To say today's like wishing in the wind
All my beautiful friends have all gone away
Like the waves
They flow and ebb and die…»
“Revolution”, the Cult.

«…Go west young man
And break bread in the new lands
And my life is over
While yours is just beginning…»
“Go West”, the Cult.

12/8/12 06:46  

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