Sunday, February 10, 2013

Iron Horse.


Blogger Hlithio Agrino said...

“Iron Horse” (born to lose) , Motorhead.


10/2/13 15:44  
Blogger Hlithio Agrino said...

"...On 11 February 2013 France's Consumer Affairs Minister Benoit Hamon warned it "will not hesitate" to to take legal action if there is evidence companies had knowingly duped consumers. Mr Hamon said an initial investigation by French safety authorities had found a French company Poujol bought frozen meat from a Cypriot trader. That trader had bought it from a Dutch food supplier, who in turn bought it from two Romanian slaughterhouses.

13/2/13 12:16  
Blogger Hlithio Agrino said...

15/2/13 10:02  

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