Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Analysis: Contemporary Politics in Cyprus.

Θα έπρεπε ίσως να το προτείνω μέσα απ’ τις
αλλά παραείναι σοβαρό:

Οκ., Dr. Spock, fire away:
• Εδώ.
(Αναλυτές Και εκτελεστές:

Ok Lady, I Love you, bye bye)

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Blogger the Idiot Mouflon said...

In The Garden Of Mindy

The World Domination Plan
"Using the gardener's weed killer, some manure, and a little Zoysia grass, I will contruct a powerful stink bomb. We'll use the lawn mower engine to construct a rocket and fill it with the gas. When precisely launched, the prevailing winds will spread the gas across the world's capitals. As the stench drives government officials out into the streets, we will rush in and seize power!"

8/12/10 05:49  
Blogger Okyalos said...

One day i will conquer the world
Θεικο, που το θυμηθηκες?

8/12/10 13:19  
Blogger the Idiot Mouflon said...

Ε, αφού οι πολιτικοί μας γίγαντες εν τούτου του επιπέδου (σχεδόν, θέλει ακόμα λλίη προσπάθεια)... εν' σαν να θωρώ κάθε μέρα επεισόδια που έτσι "μίκυ-μάους".

B: Come Mindy, it's time for us to conquer the world.

M: Why?

B: By right of superior intelligence, I am best suited to guide the destiny of this planet.

M: Why?

B: My empirical powers give me the mandate.

M: Why?

B: Because it's something I want to do!

M: OK, I luv you. Mwah.

8/12/10 13:45  

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